Welcome to IDEAL Satkhira

IDEAL (Institute of Development Education for Advancement of Landless) is a local NGO established in 1987 in the Parulia village of Debhata Upazila under Satkhira District of Bangladesh. In 1987, few young educated people formed IDEAL with a view to promote social activities. From the beginning, IDEAL started to organize local poor people into different homogenous groups with the objective to secure their rights and to help them assume responsibilities which would lead to their empowerment and promote self employment. IDEAL started water and sanitation programs considering safe water crisis in the locality and lack of sanitation practices. Then it started social forestry program as part of its environmental conservation and poverty eradication program. Savings and micro-credit programs also started for employment generation and economic empowerment. Adult literacy and non-formal primary education programs started as part of basic education for the adult people and dropout children from the poor families especially girls.

In 1998 IDEAL turned its activities into rights based approach and involved with land rights movement for the landless. Then people’s organizations are formed for ensuring their rights and Agricultural Technology transfer programs are started for agriculture development and employment generation. In 2000 devastating flood hits in the southwestern part of the country and IDEAL lunched huge relief and rehabilitation programs for the flood victims. After that IDEAL started child and women trafficking prevention programs.

In 2003 IDEAL started reducing vulnerability to climate change programs as southwestern part of the country is frequently affected by climate change effects. As Bangladesh is the most vulnerable country of climate change effects and southwestern part of the country is the main area of natural calamities so, IDEAL is continuing its “Reducing vulnerability to climate change program” with great importance. In 2005, rights-based program started as working women’s rights who are working in shrimp farms and good governance and capacity building programs for LEBs and civil society member were also started. In the recent years IDEAL started programs for Hardcore Poor development and environmental conservation with Biogas Plant installation and development of disabled children.